It’s a Natural Thang (IANT) was founded in June of 2010 by natural hair enthusiast turned licensed cosmetology educator, Tamiah Bridgett. A small group of women that wanted to learn more about their natural hair gathered together for an intimate “Natural Hair 101” session.

By the fall of the same year, the numbers were growing and each home the group met in lacked the capacity to contain the women. While looking for larger spaces, Bridgett took to Facebook and formed a private group containing 18 women. 10 years and 8,000 naturals later, It’s a Natural thang has become a force in the city of Pittsburgh.

IANT meetings are too legit!! Walking in and being surrounded by this huge and amazing community of beautiful people is such an awesome feeling! It’s like a home away from home!!

Monique Mahala

Guided by the mission of celebrating the hair while freeing the mind, IANT forged ahead! Once quarterly, their meetups became semi-annual. Each summer and Small Business Saturday, naturals and those who love them come from the Tri-State Area and beyond to take in the beauty of the day.

Once formed in intimate circles, IANT meetups now host up to 200 naturals at each event complete with natural hair education, vendors, music and entertainment!

Meetups are EVERYTHING!! It’s refreshing to see a community of like-minded sisters and friends share in an atmosphere of love, entrepreneurship, and fashion.

Erica Batson