Welcome to the wonderful world of It’s a Natural Thang! Founded in 2010, It’s a Natural Thang quickly became a go-to resource for Naturals in Pittsburgh PA and surrounding areas. Our highly anticipated meetups are always safe environments full of beautiful hues and textures.

 IANT Meet ups are for all of us, Newly & seasoned naturals, the curious, the lil sis, the stylist, grandma or dad wanting to be inspired, celebrate & learn more about natural hair, it’s all in there, it’s for all of us!

Monica Tillman- Smith

  IANT Meetups are like family reunions with all Your sister cousin friends + aunties that leave you full and looking forward to the next one. The overwhelming experience of love, compliments, wisdom nuggets and hugs shared is indescribable! Add to that good food and amazing vendors for retail therapy!? Sis, you just have to be there!

Tiffany Huff-Strothers

IANT meets up are authentic gatherings of dynamic women and girls to shine and connect!

Latifa Miller